Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Final Thoughts from Canterbury



MikeJay223 said...

I have watched most of these posts and have read Bishop Gene’s blog “Canterbury Tales from the Fringe” I just want to say thank you, you do give me hope for the future, and faith to return to the church I’ve grown to love. Again thank you for all that you have done, your faith, love, and courage move me more than I can say. You are daily in my prayers.

Peace of the Lord be always with you.

Mike Hoth

Ann said...

Thanks for all of these. Will they be on youtube? Also will the play be performed at General Convention?

awesomeman said...

I agree with ann the play should be performed at General Convention. However, please let all within the church know where it can be read or viewed.

Andrew said...

After watching this video, I feel more hope in, and personal connection to, the church/Church than I have in quite some time. Thank you.