Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Diocese of New Hampshire Introduces Their Bishop


Tom E said...

Thank you for sharing this vidoe with us. I appreciate being able to hear your words as you talk about your Bishop. You are blessed and our church is blessed to have this man among us.

Tom E

Christine said...

Well done, I have felt theat the voice of the people of NH has been lost in all this conversation. thank you for such a warm and loving introduction to the world. Christine

FranIAm said...

Once again, I am seeing +Gene and finding myself weeping- weeping with sadness but also with hope.

What a beautiful man and how wonderful to hear what people from his diocese who know him have to say.

Vickie said...

Thank you for your witness. One can not view this and see,feel and hear Love and respect.
Blessings for you all and thanksgiving for your steadfast stand. I too look at Gene and your Diocese as signs our church will grow and become richer.

SCG said...

You all are blessed, and I am proud to be a native of the Granite State, raised in the Diocese that has been given the gift of +Gene's ministry.

Anonymous said...

A very warm video--presents Gene as a beloved bishop. 10 or 12 people talking at length about what a great guy he is---warm, kind, respectful, patient, honoring of other people's walks and beliefs, has the personal touch, practices radical hospitality....

But not ONE WORD by ANY of those people about his knowledge or love of Christ. Not one word about how he brings Good News to those who don't know Christ. Not one thing that indicates he is anything other than a great guy. (which he truly seems to be, don't get me wrong).

Terrific guy. Should not be bishop.
Eve Nash

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous" said some sad things about the video - that the video did not speak about gene's love of Jesus. (Setting asside the fact that all these negative comments so often come from sad and cowardly people who will not stand tall next to what they wrote)
There is something I notice...

It is the very text isolationism of this blogger which has divided the church to begin with into literalists and the rest of us who still see Anglicanism as having a three-fold base of Schripture, Tradition and Reason.

It seems perfectly consistant that this viewer only has the capacity to see one, tiny piece at a time. When you do not allow all of scripture to inform its parts (intertextuality) then you get fundamentalism in any religion.

I would expect a funamentalist and literalist to dislike the video because they cannot see the whole picture.

This video was designed as an INTRODUCTION to Gene Robisnon, NOT a replacement of Gene Robinson.

Gene's love of Jesus and passion for the marginalized so beloved of Jesus rings through loud and clear the moment one hears Gene speak and sees his face.

Furthermore, the Diocese of Newhampshire elected this man as our Bishop and we are not so spiritually lacking that we would choose a man in whom we do not see a love for Jesus. We simply knew that the people seeing the video at Lambeth would then see the man; and it would then be very clear (as has already been reported many times over) that Bishop's minds about Gene would change.

That change has begun. It is like a rising tide - slow and powerful and led by the Holy Spirit.

An anonymous posting like this one says more about the poster than the Bishop.

Anonymous said...

Sorry in case you did not read my full comment. My name is Eve Nash of the Cathedral Church of the Advent in Birmingham Alabama.

No isolationism here.
No "drive by," as it were. I am not a blogger, do not have a website or google identity, so the only category I could fit into was was "Anonymous."
I did, however, include my name and I stand by my post.

Anonymous said...


I am afraid that you are wrong about Gene being a "terrific guy". In fact, he may be the most selfish person on the planet. Anyone who would purposefully push his agenda to the point that people die is not a "terrific guy". Be certain, that people in Africa have died because his unrepeated sin has caused churches to refuse money from TEC.


sedo666 said...
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Jon M. Richardson said...

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